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Lookwell bike fashion

Lookwell bike fashion

Lookwell has been developing, designing, producing and marketing motorcycle-clothing since 1974. The Royal National Police Services and services regional police forces in the Netherlands and few other countries, selected Lookwell as their supplier for motorcycle-clothing.

World traveller Sjaak Lucassen has used and tested on his tours around the globe, and for his harsh expedition to the poles, Lookwell gear under the most diverse and challenging conditions. Recently Lookwell equipped Mr. Lucassen for his trip from Florida USA on the pole, controlling environmental temperatures as from +38 down to minus 35 Celsius viagra tablet price in indian rupees.

From pole to Sahara in 24 different countries, over 1,600,000 garments are sold, to leisure and daily riders, they “tested” Lookwell garments on comfort, and safety performance, and we learned form these inputs.

Lookwell introduced the first “safety” stitching, preventing stitching seams to be exposed to the surface as such preventing seems to come undone by abrasion. Also the ladies are served in the Lookwell range of products, either by the products which go in both lady and men’s sizes, or by the special Lady-Like “ladies only” products. We are an innovation driven SME and we have participated in several initiatives: Airbag development for motorcycle riders, isolation wear developments against extreme low temperatures, racing suits for all types of MC riders, the Spandex stretchable panels, Paris Dakar helmets with air-conditioning, are just a few of the innovations done by Lookwell and applied in daily use

Mr. Jos van Gent