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i-VITAL First Technical Meeting. 20/Sep/2013

i-VITAL First Technical Meeting. 20/Sep/2013

CETEM, the science and technology research organisation for wood and furniture based in Yecla, Murcia, Spain has been appointed as the coordinating body for the European Commission project named ‘i-VITAL’. The project goal is to enhance eCall with vital signs data of the riders and overcoming the limitations of existing motorcycle eCall systems.

The consortium is made up of three SMEs: NZI (helmet manufacturer from Spain), Lookwell (garment manufacturer from the Netherlands) and CAP (polymer manufacturer from Slovenia). The research and development activities are mainly carried out by the three participant research organizations: CETEM as the coordinator (Spain), Fraunhofer (Germany) and TECOS (Slovenia).

Vital signs information after an accident is very critical for the medical services in order to prepare an adequate emergency response. i-VITAL aims to create a novel vital sign monitoring and accident detection system to be seamlessly integrated into helmets and garments. Since the helmet and garment will be with the rider at all times, the accident information (e viagra vs cialis.g. location, severity) it can provide is much more accurate that the systems attached to motorbikes. Besides, the rider will always be able to talk with the emergency services thanks to integrated headphones for audio calls, and does not depend on what happened to the motorcycle.

The first technical meeting was a teleconference so that the work could start right away. All the technical issues highlighted during the telco were directly addressed or defined for follow up and action.

The first face-to-face meeting was postponed until all members are available for a visit in Yecla. CETEM will be hosting this meeting in its research facilities in the city.